Tara was introduced in 1990. Products under Tara brand are margarine, spread and spread olive, all produced locally under strict sanitary and production standards giving consumers the best product at affordable prices. Tara was initially launched as a margarine in 1990 and the spread version was introduced in 2011. Tara margarine contains 82% sunflower and canola oils. Tara spread is made from 55% sunflower and canola oils and naturally contains Omega 3 and 6 that helps control cholesterol levels in the body. Tara Olive spread has been introduced in 2014. it contains olive oils (15%), edible fats and refined vegetable oils. Tara products are approved by Heart and Stroke Eating Plan.


 Tara Enriched (New)

Tara Enriched is enriched with Omega 3 from fish oil, altogether with 8 essential vitamins: A/D/E/B1/B2/B6/B9 and B12.

The new enriched formula of Tara is positioned to become an essential partner of the consumers’ nutritious diet, destined to those consumers who are becoming extremely conscious of their eating habits and who are being prompted to purchase Made In Moris!

Tara Enriched addresses the aforesaid consumer aspirations through its intrinsic, origins & formula altogether.

Tara Enriched can be used for spreading, frying, baking and garnishing.

This is a new addition to the Tara family, available in 500g in all super/hypermarkets.



Available in margarine, spread and spread olive.


SKUS available:

  • Tara Spread 250g
  • Tara Spread 500g
  • Tara Olive 250g
  • Tara Olive 500g
  • Tara Enriched 500g
  • Tara Margarine 250g
  • Tara Margarine 500g
  • Tara Margarine 1Kg