Vital Eau de Source

As from November 2021, with the launching of the new glass line, Vital Glass eau de source and sparkling 250ml were introduced with paper labels.

Vital eau de source has always taken care of the health and well-being of its consumers. We are convinced that what you drink is crucial, which is why we are offering high quality water that is beneficial to our well-being. Moreover, water is a vital part of each and every one of us – remember that the human body is composed of around 75% water. Water plays a key role in maintaining good health. It is recommended to drink 1.5L of water a day, so it is necessary to hydrate throughout the day, even when the thirst is not felt.

All our efforts are focused on providing you with safe and healthy bottled water. With Vital eau de source, you can hydrate yourself with confidence. Our bottled water is pure and protected from any external artifacts. Thanks to its balanced composition, Vital eau de source can be consumed by everybody daily.

Inner Balance

We have come to realize that wellness is not only about what we do, what we drink, what we eat, it also has to do with what we think and feel, with our minds and our hearts.

Maseru Emoto, a Japanese writer, has discovered that by exposing water to human thoughts, it changed its structure. By looking at the structure of water under a microscope, he saw that negative words formed a very distorted and ugly shape, whereas, words like ‘Love and Gratitude’ produced the most beautiful, elegant and symmetrical form.

If our body is made up of least 70% water, imagine the impact that our thoughts have on our body, and the effect that Vital eau de source has on our overall wellness.


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Vital Eau de Source, Vital Sparkling, Vital Côté Fruits, Vital Sirop, Vital Fontaines, Vital Sensation and Vital Plus.

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Vital Eau de Source comes in these formats:

  • PET: 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L
  • Glass: 250ml, 750ml

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