Lavazza BLUE

Lavazza BLUE coffee machines are easy to use, so anybody can make the perfect espresso. The system’s innovative extraction method and sealed, single-dose capsules guarantee a real Italian espresso anytime, anywhere – brewed to creamy, aromatic perfection.

Choose from a selection of intensities and flavours, and enjoy Lavazza’s distinctive quality on the go, in any setting – from offices, shops and businesses, to any busy public areas. This is the best way to savour an authentic Italian coffee moment at any time in your day.


Starting in 1895 in Turin, Lavazza has become one of the most important coffee roasters in the world. Run by the same family today, Lavazza is the symbol of Italian espresso (which means “made to order on the spot”).

With Lavazza you have the best coffees from plantations all over the world in order to create specialized blends for every moment of the day: breakfast time at home or at the office; the espresso we drink at our favorite spot after lunch; and the cappuccino from the vending machine, for our coffee break at work.

The perfect balance of each blend is the result of mixing several types of coffee, which vary in quality (Arabica or Robusta), type of processing (washed or natural) and country of origin, to obtain a distinctive flavour, aroma and body.

A Modo Mio

With A Modo Mio you will be able to prepare the perfect cappuccino, whenever you want, with a creamy froth in the “Italian” style, just like it’s done in your favoirte coffee shops. The Lavazza A Modo Mio system, allows you to transform the very best coffee blends into a quality espresso, all in the comfort of your own home.